We are a professional team providing a synergy of innovative anti-bacterial treatments and advocate the importance of good public health and hygiene standards.


To make Bactakleen the global leading public service provider for anti-bacterial treatments across a wide range of applications.

Who are we?

Bactakleen was founded in 2008 by the owners of Excelsia Technologies (Malaysia) after realising that there was an immediate need to improve the hygiene standards in our daily working environment, in our vehicles, our homes, to protect ourselves and our loved ones from harmful bacteria and viruses. Too often we see our children falling ill or our co-workers taking medical leave. Conventional spray and wipe applications proved to be inadequate as they were only short term solutions and over prolonged use, became too costly and tedious. As the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention” and this is how Excelsia Technologies sourced and clinically-tested the best of today’s anti-bacterial technology to provide a synergy of treatments to successful kill harmful micro-organisms, not just on contact services but in hard to reach places as well. 

Being results orientated and with people first attitude, our team at Bactakleen are trained to provide you with professional advice, service and support.


BACTAKLEEN was first introduced in 2008 with the aim of improving the air that we breathe. Everyone talks about dust and pollution in the air but no one talks about bacteria and fungus in the air especially when coming from the air conditioning system.

The simple fact remains that the air conditioning system harbors millions of bacteria and fungus spores that are harmful to humans and

regularly is a catalyst to spread illnesses. The traditional way of cleaning air conditioning systems are focused on removed physical dust and dirt but no one has even considered cleaning the air conditioner to remove bacteria and fungus. In countries that have humid conditions the bacteria and fungus growth are much greater and pose a greater threat to the health of the occupants in the building or the car. Problems such as Legionnaires disease are particularly common in humid environments where the moisture promotes the breeding of bacteria and fungus. All air conditioners have this inherent problem and prior to the introduction of Bactakleen’s Ultra Mist there was no proper solution to treat this problem.

Bactakleen’s non-toxic proprietary technology is the first in the world to provide an adequate solution to provide cleaner air in an air

conditioned environment. Tested by world recognized laboratories such as SGS and TUV, Bactakleen’s Ultra Mist solution is proven to kill

99.99999% of bacteria and fungus. The delivery method works extremely efficiently to get into every nook and cranny of the air conditioner system and kill the bacteria and fungus with the added benefit of killing bacteria and fungus in the room or the car cabin together. This delivery method saves time and money as one application will cover a wide area. Unlike traditional spray and wipe applications which cannot reach many tiny or obscure places, the Ultra Mist will float to the tiniest of crack and is able to penetrate fabric and porous surfaces to kill bacteria and fungus.


Bactakleen’s Ultra Mist is also tested by Chemlab for durability. It was proven by Chemlab that after 1 treatment using Ultra Mist, the bacteria and fungus will only start to grow back at a much reduced rateafter 2 months. Since the introduction of Bactakleen’s Ultra Mist the expansion and recognition of the product and brand has gone from strength to strength.


Bactakleen has been applied in wide variety of applications such as :

• Cars

• Buses

• Ambulance

• Hotels

• Apartments

• Offices

• Factories

• Clinics

• Kindergartens

• Schools

• Boats

Big named hotels such as Hard Rock Hotel, Swiss Garden Hotel and Eastin Hotel has been treated by Bactakleen.


Apart from Ultra Mist Bactakleen have other supportingproducts that have been introduced with good success.


Odour Killer

Bactakleen’s quick and easy odour removal spray that works to break down the odour particles instead of masking it with a heavy fragrance.



Bactakleen’s transparent spray on anti bacterial and anti fungus solution that will kill bacteria for up to 3 months on one application.


Germ Buster

Bactakleen’s instant sanitizing spray designed for quick removal of bacteria and fungus on general surfaces.

Odour Shield

Bactakleen’s Odour Shield is a new development in odour control. Odour Shield works to neutralize bad odours caused by bacteria and fungus.

Anti VOC

Bactakleen Anti VOC is an active sterilizing solution that works to kill bacteria, fungus, VOC and formaldehyde. Anti VOC works on solid and porous surfaces to provide a long term sanitizing and deodorizing effect.

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