Disinfection Consultancy

Bactakleen offers disinfection consultancy for companies, schools, hotels, factories, automotive dealerships, clinics, shops, restaurants, warehouses, airlines, logistics and many more”. The consultancy scope covers design, equipment used, disinfectant to be used, application methodology and fulfilment of disinfection systems customised for every individual industry with the aim of reducing costs, improving efficiency, reduction of cross contamination, improving productivity (for factories and offices), reduction in maintenance costs and reduction in illness rates in factories, offices, schools and hotels.

  • Bactakleen’s consultancy is backed by over 13 years of experience and over 2000 corporate clients spread across 52 countries around the world.
  • Bactakleen also works with reputable international laboratories such as SGS, TUV, microbac, Virology, Chemlab and Chemsil to prove Bactakleen solutions work as claimed and backed by International product liability insurance.
  • Bactakleen’s disinfection consultancy can be customised to suit customer’s needs and is flexible according to customer’s budget. We can cater to virtually every industry.
  • Some of our clientele include Toyota, Mercedes, perodua, hyundai , Dorsett hotel, Shell, Michelin, Sunway Group, Red Cross, BMW, Renault, Inokom just to name a few.


We offer the world’s first 2-in-1 anti-bacterial treatment system that effectively kills 99.9% of the virus and bacteria inside your vehicle, bedroom, office, toilets and kitchen. This revolutionary new treatment will kill any bacteria, virus, mould or fungi hiding deep inside your air conditioning system and thriving in nearly impossible to reach nooks and crannies of your home or vehicle’s interior. Contact surfaces will be cleaned and treated in critical areas such as:

  • Cars, buses, vans, trucks, planes, trains, limousines and taxis – steering wheels, gear knobs, hand brakes, switches, railings
  • Homes – bedrooms, toilets, living room and kitchen
  • Offices – conference rooms, office rooms, kitchen, pantry and toilets, building wall exteriors
  • Restaurants – kitchen, toilets and dining areas
  • Hotels – bedrooms, common areas, lobby and toilets
  • Schools – classrooms, library, toilets, cafeteria and playground
  • Shopping malls – toilets, common areas
  • Hospitals and clinics – toilets, surgical theatre, treatment rooms, recovery rooms

Our treatment provides the following advantages:

  • Fumigation of rooms – for immediate results
  • Fumigation of toilets – for immediate results
  • Fumigation of air conditioning systems – for immediate results
  • Spray-on anti-bacterial coating for door handles, faucet taps, kitchen taps, handrails, elevator walls and buttons, escalator handrails, air conditioning vents, computer keyboard and mouse, toilet bowls, table tops and walls – for long term protection

The combination of our products and service provides you with an immediate, medium and long term solution that is able to cover all areas.