Bactakleen works in collaboration with X’Mos mosquito repellent that not only repels deadly mosquitos but also kills them. The X’Mos mosquito spray is a patented formula that is non-toxic (fully tested for skin and inhalation) and highly effective mosquito repellent. X’Mos is the only mosquito repellent that provides up to 8 hours of protection with a single application. The concentrated formula requires a very small amount to be applied to achieve long term protection. Watch the videos below to see how X’Mos is applied and a demonstration of its effectiveness.

– Concentrated formula reduces costs over time
– 1 can of X’Mos replaces 10 cans of ordinary mosquito repellent spray
– Up to 8 hours protection
– Non-oily formula
– Odourless
– Non-staining
– Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
– Can be sprayed on clothing
– Non-toxic formula
– Endorsed, approved and used by Ministry of Health, Malaysia