NuGen Health Wellness System was developed in collaboration with SEERS Bhd to promote post-covid-19 recovery and scientifically targeted treatment for various common medical conditions. NuGen Health utilizes special medical equipment to promote drug-free treatments which can quickly and effectively provide relief for patients suffering from a wide range of illnesses. NuGen Health’s medical equipment is registered with Ministry of Health Malaysia and is certified by TUV. Utilising these special equipment NuGen Health is able to treat or help reduces the effects of patients suffering from illnesses or medical conditions such as diabetes, Parkinson’s, stroke, cancer, sports injuries, erectile dysfunction, joint pain, high cholesterol, calcification of arteries, hardening of arteries and many more.

NuGen Health also offers 2 stage blood screening to quickly identify the problems faced by patients. On a higher level NuGen Health will be introducing Malaysia’s first DNA sequencing that covers 128 health parameters to deep dive into the patient’s health at the DNA level. By having the critical DNA data NuGen Health is able to tailor make programs to enhance recovery from the patient’s current health problem and also help prevent future illnesses. NuGen Health will also be able to recommend the consumption of selected supplements to improve the patient’s health.

– Non-invasive treatments (pain free)
– Drug free treatment
– Able to treat symptoms that traditional medicine cannot treat (example Parkinson’s and stroke)
– Anti-ageing effect
– Can reduce cancer markers (for 2nd and 3rd stage cancer sufferers)
– Low cost treatment
– Affordable blood screening and DNA sequencing
– Treatments work on any patient regardless of age
– Approved and endorsed by Ministry of Health Malaysia
– Proven technology