Bactakleen Anti VOC

BACTAKLEEN ANTI VOC is an active sterilizing solution that works to kill bacteria, fungus, VOC and formaldehyde. Anti VOC works on solid and porous surfaces to provide a long term sanitizing and deodorizing effect. It is ideal for painted walls, new furniture, table tops, car interior and many other surfaces that produce VOC or bacteria colonies or fungal / mildew growth.

Anti Voc is also very useful to prevent the build up of tobacco odours in hotel rooms or cars. After applying Anti Voc it forms a protective layer than prevents the tobacco smoke odours from sticking to the coated surface. It breaks down the tobacco smoke particles neutralising it before it is able to stick to any coated surface.


  • Anti VOC is particularly useful for newly made furniture, newly renovated homes or newly formed plastic components which often release VOC.
  • Despite the usage of low VOC paints in homes, there are still a small amount of VOC that can potentially harm the occupants.
  • For car, plastic components on dash board, adhesives use in parts assembly also release harmful VOCs into the vehicle cabin.
  • Casino, KTV, bars or pubs where tobacco smoke is a problem. Anti VOC will reduce the effects of tobacco odours.