Ultrasonic Diffuser/Humidifier MVK-2 designed to disinfect an air space such as a bedroom or an office space.

It is able to cover up to 1000sqft space silently and comes with a timer for better application control. MVK-2 large tank allows it to hold sufficient solution to disinfect many areas without the need to refill regularly. The configurable attachment gives the user the choice of a single direction dispensing or 4 way dispensing.

It comes with a sensor that will activate the mist when a person walks infront of the machine. MVK-2 is suitable for schools, bedrooms, hotel rooms, waiting lounges, offices, showrooms and many more.


Voltage: 100V-240V~50Hz/60Hz
Power: 100W
Evaporation: 1500ml/h
Capacity: 15L