Stain Buster is the latest in stain removal solution that works instantly to remove oxidation, water stains, acid rai stains and colour transfer stains. It’s alkaline based solution is safe and can be used on floors, walls, plastics, metal and rubber parts. Keeping your surface looking new is easy with Stain Buster.

  • One step multi surface cleaner
  • Non-toxic
  • Fast acting
  • Colour safe
  • Works on floors, walls, plastics, metal and rubber parts
  • Suitable for exterior or hard surface


– Rinse surface first to remove any solid dirt.

– Spray Stain Buster and let it sit for a few seconds for it to start lifting the stain.

– Wipe a clean cloth or gently scrub with a brush for tough stains.

– Rinse off with water.

– Repeat process for very stubborn or very old stains.