Wood Floor Cleaner is a solution designed to clean all kinds of wooden floors, and can also be used on other surfaces. It does not require rinsing after use. The non-toxic solution is pH neutral, designed to repel insects, and kill germs. It enhances a surface’s resistance to dirt and grime, leading to shiny, smooth, non-sticky floors. Suitable for various surfaces including Wood, Marble, Granite, Terrazzo, Ceramic Tile, Parquet and Composite floors.


  • Suitable for all natural stone and tiles floor
  • Extraordinary clean of original wood surface
  • Prevent dry and crack
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Remove dirt


Does not contain: Acid, Alkaline, Bleach, Solvent, Ammonia


Usage: Add two caps of the solution into half a bucket of water (approx. 8L). Mop the floor with the solution. No rinsing required.